About This Site

There are more opportunities in the property preservation and foreclosure maintenance business today than ever before. The current mortgage mess and financial melt-down has everyone busy making money and it looks like these factors are going to provide a substantial volume of work and tremendous opportunities for years to come.

You have heard all of this before. In fact, you’ve probably seen television ads and hundreds of web sites with their pitch on getting in and getting rich. What these ads do not tell you is who is really getting rich. I promise you, in the majority of cases it is not the contractor in the field. There is still plenty of money to make in property preservation but the facts and the information needed to do so have been overwhelmed by the hype. You need honest down-to-earth guidance – maybe a system – that shows you how to perform the tasks and actually build a property preservation business. Even better is getting your hands on the information you need to help you sift through the hype and the garbage and get down to business. You’re looking at it now – Property Preservation By The Book, the book written to serve as your guide to the property preservation business. The information you need in order to know for yourself what is good and what is bad. The system you need is in this book. This site is based on that book.

Every lender, mortgage company and government agency involved in the property preservation business has their own specific requirements for servicing their properties. Add to this the fact that every servicing company also has their way of doing things and you see how things can become very complicated very quickly. The problem is getting worse daily as more and more people become involved.

Actually, the hands-on labor and craftsmanship involved in servicing a property is the easy part of running a Property Preservation Business. The hard part of running a property preservation business is in knowing the game, knowing the players, knowing the laws and dealing with those that don’t know or don’t care.

This manual is designed to help you understand what the property preservation business is all about, how you can participate, who the players are, how to make as much money as possible while keeping you from getting taken to the cleaners. After you have finished this manual you will have what you need to check out for yourself just about every aspect of the business. In the end, the ideal situation is for you to be as knowledgeable as possible so you will not have to depend on anyone for the information you need to make intelligent and educated decisions.

The steps and procedures of each component of the business are covered but there is absolutely no need to present to you every possible way to drain a water heater or haul away debris. In other words, the manual states the facts, offers suggestions, lets you know the norm and leaves the rest up to your common sense.