About Mr Preservation

About Mr. Preservation

I have been involved with the Property Preservation Business in one form or another for almost 15 years. Property Preservation was my day job. In the evening hours I experimented with writing and began mixing it with some  tinkering with technology. Along the way, one of my experiments resulted in a couple of very popular websites about Property Preservation and other types of field services. Along with the popularity of the sites came a reputation of being the go-to guy for property preservation. I eventually gathered a pretty big audience using the websites to write about the industry and began to recognize that there were very distinct groups reading my stuff and participating on whatever level I offered. In the audience were people that thought I created the industry, there were those that thought I was trying to destroy the industry and another large group just looked on either for entertainment or education.

Around the time the mortgage crisis happened and the economy faltered, I was overworked and pretty much disgusted with anything having to do with property preservation. I ignored the websites almost to the point of ruin but I stayed in touch with the hundreds of contacts I had made through the websites. Over and over again I was asked to restart or freshen up my previous works. Over and over again I was asked to rewrite my old property preservation training material. I really had no interest in doing any of these things until late in 2012 when I had to make a decision about retirement. Do I or don’t I? I decided to do what I thought I never would. I parked my truck, sold my trailers and began giving away the tools I knew I would never use again. I decided to retire from the field and spend my time writing, training and consulting.

2013 was a year of change. It was my first year of not having to get up and go to a property, of not having to do property inspections and not having to deal with data entry people and paper handlers and photo analyst in countries half way around the world. It was the first year that I had all day, every day to write, train and consult.  I began writing more manuals, helping more companies with their training needs and helping more contractors figure out this strange business.

2014 brought with it the biggest gaines I had ever thought possible in the property preservation business. Numerous training manuals I published on Amazon made their way to some decision makers and as a result, much of the year was consumed with consultation and training

Here it is 2015 and I hope to continue writing and training but doing so on my home turf. As I have always done in the past, the Q&A of this website was stripped bare and it has begun anew. I do this in order to keep that portion of the web content as fresh and current as possible.

I hope you enjoy this website and take advantage of it’s content and the Q&A. I’m looking forward to offering you additional material that will educate, inform and entertain you. If you have a particular topic that you would like to see researched and reported, please contact me.

Terry Platt, Mr. Preservation